For the second time Slovenian non-profit associations itSMF Slovenija and PMI Slovenija

are joining strengths, interlace and spread knowledge on one conference entitled

on March 19th and 20th, 2019, in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Welcome on the regional core event featuring the most actual contents on IT service management and project management.

. . .

Today excellence is not measured only by the traditional metrics of profit and income but measuring speed: is our organisation changing as fast, faster or slower than the others?

Does the change in our organisation involve knowledge and technology only or do in parallel change people too? Are we specialists in our field or are we "generalist" at the same time, able of a wide outward view, able to take initiatives and contribute to progress?

The best co-workers: project management and IT

It is our wish to offer the attendees a unique event with quality multi-discipline contents. The knowledge width is the excellence prerequisite for all actors in IT services and all project managers - included the ones who might not be directly involved in IT.

What does the event offer?

A lot! And more! The conference is designed for those of you, who are anyhow involved in management, coordination, solutions or project development organisation, implementation of novelties in business, and for all those who are aware of the impact of novelties on business strategies. But in essence the event is devoted to those who want to be up to date with the novelties and want to be excellent in growth.

4,5 reasons it is worth to take part on the event

1. Multidisciplinary interlace of related areas on a unique event.
2. Quality presentations from various disciplines.
3. Top presenters, global professionals.
4. Best practices and experiences, success stories and projects from different parts of the world.
Bonus points: Meeting and socialization of colleagues, new professional acquaintances.

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The conference and all the accompanying events will be held in English. 


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CONFERENCE, March 19th, 2019

(PMI value: 6,5 PDU)


08:30 - 08:40

Welcome and opening speech

Digital Transformation in Action

How Digital is changing the way we work together

08:40 - 09:20

Avoiding Stone Age Practices // Kimberly Wiefling, President of Wiefling Consulting, co-founder of Silicon Valley Alliances, and author of Scrappy Project Management

How Digital is Changing the Way We Work Together

Digitalization is here! We have AI, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Blockchain will disrupt how business is done on Planet earth. The widespread availability of inexpensive, even free, internet-based team collaboration tools has made working with people working virtually globally relatively easy compared to even a few years ago. Today we have video conferencing by FaceTime, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Zoom, and Chime. There are team collaboration portals such as SharePoint, Google Sites, and Salesforce Chatter. File sharing is easy and effortless using services like Sharefile, Dropbox and Box. These tools have given even small companies like mine the ability to do business around the globe almost effortlessly – at least from an IT standpoint. And yet I’m personally aware of large, so-called global businesses that are still hampered by the following:

• No ability to video conference from work (although Skyping from a nearby Starbuck’s is a no problem!).
• No storage location where a file can be stored, where every employee in the world can access it (but placing it unofficially on Dropbox is easy, although forbidden!).
• Global supply chains across 40 countries being managed by spreadsheets, often requiring each person involved to spend 40+ hours a month to coordinate production, inventory management and shipments globally.
• In spite of the availability of free bug tracking software like Bugzilla, one software organization that has been in business for over a decade still didn’t have a bug tracking system. No, I’m not kidding.
• One 10-year-old organization pushed changes in the source code directly to the live production server, upon which their customers depended. Really, they did this.
• One software product development team in a Fortune 100 company reported that their schedule had slipped due to the fact that, during the quality testing phase, they’d unexpectedly found bugs that needed to be fixed before shipment. Yes, unexpectedly!

Everyone I know who has a job is more overworked than ever, with at least a half-dozen important tasks or projects, all of which were prioritized either HOT, VERY HOT, RED HOT, or DO IT NOW! Working faster, “doing more with less”, and the all-too-common firefighting, heroics, and diving catches can feel like an enlivening experience, even as you’re digging your own project grave. The necessity of changing the way we work, and the way we work together, is critical to our success, and in some cases our very survival. Work that used to take hours or days can now be done in minutes or seconds. Especially in the Age of Digitalization, we have a responsibility to step back and question the processes and practices in use, and ask if there is a better way to achieve our business results, find answers to this question, and thoughtfully implement solutions that enjoy the buy-in, commitment, and support of all key stakeholders.

09:20 - 09:40

Asset management through new glasses // Urh Lednik, Troia d.o.o.

The theory has been put into practice; companies are using Augmented Reality (AR) solutions today to take care of more reliable machine maintenance, early detection of potential errors, easier inventory of assets, faster assembly and packaging of complex products, and many other tasks. Smart glasses that connect to the existing information infrastructure of the company (systems and applications) are also a great tool for educating employees for a variety of tasks.

People want to be constantly well informed. Technology has made sure that relevant information can be literally in front of our eyes for us to use it for work and decision-making.

09:40 - 10:00

Closer to your customers // Luka Mulej, ISL Online

Remote desktop and Live chat vendor ISL Online will present three large international use cases. Each of them shows how a company needs to be available for its customers, both in sales and support. The use cases will present how quick, secure and reliable remote desktop support is indispensable in the day-to-day operations and long term success of the company. .

10:00 - 10:20 BREAK

Virtual Power Teams

Working together in the new world

10:20 - 11:00

Virtual Power Teams // Peter Ivanov, Senior Manager, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

Virtual Power Teams – how to deliver projects quicker, reduce cost and develop your Organization for the Future!

Nowadays many successful Managers and Entrepreneurs lead a Team spread in different locations. The possibilities for physical meeting or face-to-face conversation in such teams are strongly limited.

Often when a Projects team is dispersed they suffer delays and sometimes complete failure. International investments are put at risk due to intercultural issues or simply because the team members feel isolated and demotivated.

Peter Ivanov is an international Manager and Virtual Teams Expert. His method “Virtual Power Teams” is proven in practice and has won multiple corporate awards among which are the "Best of the Best" in 2007 and the Global "IT Connect Award" in 2012. His book “Virtual Power Teams” is translated in 6 languages and is Amazon Top 3 in international Management.

Using Peter’s techniques, you can deliver Projects quicker, reduce your cost significantly and develop your Organization for the Future!

11:00 - 11:40

Panel Modern Leadership: Who is Leading?

To share with us their experience and thoughts will be:

• Saša Mrak, Managers' Association of Slovenia, Executive Director
• Janez Bensa, Parsek, CEO
• Igor Mrzlikar, Chairman of PMI Slovenia and Suzohapp, Sweden, Customer Project Director
• Igor Verstovšek, Cosylab, Procurator and Young Manager of the Year 2018


Project Management Office

Managing Projects in the new world

12:40 - 13:20

PMO in the VUCA world // Thiago Ayres, Global Managing Director at PMO Global Alliance

What is the role of the PMO in fast-changing times? What are the conclusions from PMO practical experience all over the world? What is the future for a value-adding PMO? How to make that value perceived by stakeholders? In this provocative session, Ayres covers the evolution and global future trend of PMO in a new business scenario.

13:20 - 13:50

The PMO as an engine to implement the strategy // Jaka Borštnar, Tine Vižintin, Zoran Korenjak, Triglav Group

The right positioning, role and PMO alignment with strategy is a base for being actively involved in strategy implementation and providing the business benefits. The Triglav PMO has taken on a key role in managing the strategic projects within the organization, including a change in processes that transformed company from a traditional functional organization to a digital customer-oriented organization. Through the PMO journey we will present how we tackled the transformation challenges by reshaping the PMO and actions which were needed to become the engine which drives Triglav to implement the strategy. The suggestions how to include our best practices into your environment will be shared.

13:50 - 14:10 BREAK


The new ITIL for the new IT world

14:10 - 14:50

When go-live goes wrong! How to successfully transition and support new services into the live IT environment // Rosh Hosany, PwC

Digital transformation is having a huge impact on the way that technology enables the business to remain competitive. The IT department now has little choice but to partner closely with the business and flex their ways of working to expedite solution delivery and provide an agile and innovative support environment.

This keynote will focus on service transition. Technology projects are being transitioned to the live environment at velocity and at differing rates of completeness and the IT operations (BAU) teams are not always fully prepared to support these services when they enter the live production environment. This can lead to a reactive support model, a growing list of defects due to poor testing, inadequate knowledge sharing between the project and IT support teams and ultimately, a poor customer experience and dissatisfaction from the business.

In this session, we will discuss the common pitfalls that can lead to go-live going wrong and share some pragmatic suggestions to help make sure that your IT support teams are ready to support the business on day one of your go-live. This is an essential session for any Service Delivery Manager, Service Desk Manager, Project Manager or IT Operations Manager to attend!

14:50 - 15:30

ITIL 4 and Digital Transformation – how do they fit together? // Barclay Rae, ITIL Lead Author Team Member

The initial foundation book and training course for ITIL 4 is released on February 28th, 2019 – what does this bring to the industry? How can ITIL re-invents itself to meet the new demands of Digital, AI, DevOps and new IT models? How will new ideas be incorporated and implemented for organisations that have worked with ITIL for years? What elements of the existing ITIL framework can still be used and developed? This presentation from one of the ITIL4 Lead Authors, provides insight into the drivers and thinking behind ITIL4, plus guidance on how to use it for future success and improvement.

15:30 - 16:00 CLOSING PANEL

16:00   Social event Together in Excellence & 50 years of PMI

meeting (Custom)2

WORKSHOPS, March 20th, 2019

Project Management

08:30 - 12:30

Workshop 1: Selling the PMO to the CFO: making business value tangible // Thiago Ayres, Global Managing Director at PMO Global Alliance

(PMI value: 4 PDU)

Surveys show that approximately 50% of the PMOs in the world are being challenged! There are several reasons but one stands out: the difficulty of proving its value delivery to executives. The PMO is a structure of support for the organization, so it has costs (usually very high), being that sometimes it fails to prove the ROI (return on investment).

You have to define "what is value" for our stakeholders, define KPIs and check them. You have to transform your collaboration into monetary variables. And all this is possible, in a practical way - participate and learn!

Objectives: this workshop generates different skills such as:
A) understanding the relationship between stakeholder expectation and value generation / value perception
B) how to select key indicators (KPIs) for the measurement of results
C) how to translate PMO's collaboration into financial terms.

13:30 - 17:30

Workshop 2: Face-to-Face in a “Virtual” World // Kimberly Wiefling, President of Wiefling Consulting, co-founder of Silicon Valley Alliances, and author of Scrappy Project Management

(PMI value: 4 PDU)

Effective Communication Across Borders & Boundaries

4 hour WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Even working with just one other person can be challenging, and the complexity of teamwork rises exponentially as the team grows. Cross-cultural influences can further complicate the job. Add to that the increasingly “virtual” nature of many teams, and the challenges are even greater!

Communication skills are among the most powerful tools available to leaders working across cultures. In fact, the #2 reason that teams don’t achieve their goals is due to ineffective communication. (Another top reason is that they don’t know what their goals are!) But, even in cross-cultural communication, language and culture are not the only obstacles to communication. Many teams also struggle with collective problem-solving and decision-making.

Highly effective communicators build relationships that produce long-term results by meeting their communication partners where they are, without blame or judgment, listening more than they talk, and asking more questions than advocating for their viewpoint. They have clear goals for their communication, and a plan to achieve those goals. They are alert to different communication styles, know how to communicate effectively with these various styles, and can continue to communicate effectively even in stressful or challenging situations. Their communication is direct, clear and concise. When difficulties arise, they have the ability to make the necessary adjustments to achieve win-win solutions together.

Great communicators are effective on three levels: 1) self-awareness/EQ, 2) 1:1 communication, and 3) at the group & team level. Effective cross-cultural communication is often about meeting others where they are and building a relationship based on future possibilities instead of past assumptions and experiences. Key concepts include:

• The most common causes communication breakdowns and how to avoid or overcome them.
• The value and power of face-to-face communication in a world of “virtual” teams.
• Proven approaches to communicate effectively across borders & boundaries of every kind.

Never one to lecture, Kimberly facilitates lively and engaging “learning laboratories”. You will leave this workshop skilled and practiced at listening generously to others as a “thinking partner” to create a “thinking environment”, and rapidly create a meaningful connection and positive rapport with people from widely varying backgrounds. The highly experiential nature of this workshop will enable you to immediately apply your insights in communicating at a breakthrough level in order to strengthen your team and achieve the results you need to be successful in a cross-cultural business environment.

IT Service Management

09:00 - 12:00

Workshop 1: Memorable Metrics // Barklay Rae, ITIL Lead Author Team Member

(PMI value: 3 PDU)

Do your Service Management metrics and reports work for you and your customers? Are they reliable and accurate – do they really reflect your customers’ experience? If not it will be difficult to maintain a relationship of trust and strategic partnership.

This session looks at how to build useful reliable and meaningful reporting, that helps your operation to focus on key area of work and improvement, as well as helping to define and monitor the value delivered in business terms. This ill include looking at areas such as

• The relevance of SLAs
• How to build bundled business service reports
• What is your definition of services?
• How to stop producing reports that don’t add any value


Kimberly Wiefling

President of Wiefling Consulting, co-founder of Silicon Valley Alliances, and author of Scrappy Project Management

Kimberly Wiefling is the President of Wiefling Consulting, co-founder of Silicon Valley Alliances, and author of Scrappy Project Management, a global business leadership consultant, and a force of nature – the good kind! She specializes in global team effectiveness – helping teams achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. A scientist by education, Kimberly has an M.S. in physics and a B.S. in chemistry and physics. She earned her certificate in program and project management through UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley, where she then taught program and project management for 6 years. Kimberly’s expertise is to make the “impossible” merely difficult, and then inevitable. She has worked with people form over 50 different countries, and she’s determined to transform Planet Earth one inspired and engaged team at a time!

Peter Ivanov

Senior Manager, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

Peter Ivanov is Manager, Entrepreneur and Virtual teams Expert with over 20 years of international experience. Born in Bulgaria he graduated Mathematics and joined a multinational company as Data Analyst. He quickly became IT Manager for Bulgaria and gradually worked his way up to IT Services Manager for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Peter recognized the growing importance of the teams in multiple locations and developed an innovative method for leading Virtual teams.

In 2007 the Team led by Peter won the “Best of the Best” award for outstanding Project management in establishing global Shared services. In 2012 his Team won the “Global IT Connect Award” for excellent Engagement in a global cross-functional environment. In 2013 Peter founded “Virtual Power Teams” and started new career as Keynote speaker and Executive coach on New Leadership. As an expert in New Leadership Peter supports managers to retain the gravity of their Team despite the geographical distance, age and cultural differences, and deliver Top business performance!

Barclay Rae

ITIL Lead Author Team Member

Barclay is an experienced ITSM consultant, analyst and writer. He has worked on approximately 700 ITSM projects over the last 25 years, and also writes blogs, research and white papers on ITSM topics for a variety of industry organisations and vendors.

He has also worked for a number of ITSM organisations, and he delivers strategic ITSM consultancy, as well as media analyst services to the ITSM industry. He is an ITIL4 Lead Architect and a co-architect of the ITIL Practitioner scheme with Axelos. In addition, he is a co-author of the SDI SDC certification standards and a participant in the current ISO/IEC 20000 revision.

Barclay is an associate of SDI – as a consultant and auditor – and a member of the SDI Strategic Advisory Board.

He is a Director of EssentialSM and itSMF UK, of which he was CEO from 2015 - 2018. Barclay also is a partner in A2V Services, which develops new start-up businesses. He is also non-executive director for several companies.

Barclay is also a regular speaker at industry conferences and events, in the UK and globally, including, SITS, SDI, itSMF, Pink Elephant, SMW, UCISA and others. Barclay was named in the HDI top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management, 2017 and 2018, and ‘ITSM Contributor of the year’ in 2014 at the SITS show.

Barclay also created ‘ITSMGoodness’ – a set of practical steps and guidelines – simple practical and proven tips and tools – for successful ITSM.

Thiago Ayres

Global Managing Director at PMO Global Alliance

Consultant, educator, angel investor and global speaker in the areas of governance, management, innovation and leadership.

With degrees on 3 continents, helps corporations and startups in their strategic challenges. In this professional trajectory, Ayres has been to more than 10 countries and became a nonconformist with traditional management, orthodox education and the status quo - a transformational activist. An optimist who sees opportunities for every problem, who betss people are the foundation of every success and who believes that the ultimate art of sophistication is being simple.

▪ Global Managing Director at PMO Global Alliance, global leading community on PMO and organizational project, program and portfolio management.
▪ International keynote speaker with events and courses including United States, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.
▪ Master in Project Management by George Washington University (USA) and Executive Management from ESIC Business School Spain. Specialist in corporate governance, portfolio management, project offices and agile/hybrid methods. Experience in team leadership in multicultural environments. Solid background in global project management, entrepreneurship and Information Technology management.
▪ Experience in project management and technology in large organizations and multinationals, e.g. HSBC, Renault and CNHCapital.
▪ Experience in teaching undergraduate, postgrad, MBA and in-company extensions and courses in several institutions of Brazil. Specialization in Teaching of Higher Education by Fundação Getúlio Vargas. Thousands of trained professionals including Volvo, Exxon Mobil, GVT, HSBC, Telefonica Vivo, Novozymes, Tetrapak, Renault, SulInvest, Copacol, Batavo, LAR, Racco Cosmetics, Petrobras, Natura, Boticário, Kraft Foods, BRFoods, TRT, Ambev and Sumitomo.

Rosh Hosany

Leader of PwC’s UK Assurance practice for IT Service & Operations Management and board director of itSMF UK

Rosh leads PwC’s UK Assurance practice for IT Service & Operations Management and is a board director of itSMF UK as well as a regular industry speaker, panellist and podcast guest. She has 20+ years of global ITSM operational experience across a variety of industries and is currently advising AXELOS on the ITIL update after having previously advised the SDI on updating Service Desk standards. Rosh is a trusted advisor and senior leader who is passionate about utilising best practice frameworks and methodologies in a pragmatic manner, to help organisations improve their operational resilience and mitigate technology risk, while maintaining a customer-centric approach when delivering technology solutions at velocity. She has helped organisations and regulatory bodies with QA activities, reviews, audits, investigations and has been called upon to work on data breaches and outages that have hit the headlines.

Jaka Borštnar

Director of Project Portfolio and Change Management Department, Triglav Group

Jaka Borštnar is the Director of Project Portfolio and Change Management Department in the Triglav Group and has more than a decade of experience in the insurance industry, having supervised and led various strategic projects, such as non-life insurance information system development and CRM implementation. Since 2013, when he began his present job, he has reshaped the department, which includes leading of projects by professional project managers, project selection definition, implementing unified standards according to PMBOK® and aligning project management in the Triglav Group with its business strategy. Jaka Borštnar completed the MBA studies and holds a Master’s Degree in Information and Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Economics.

Tine Vižintin

member of PMO, Triglav Group

Tine Vižintin is an experienced, PMP certified project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry for more than a decade. In the past years, he took part in many different projects in various roles, such as a technical project manager in a non-life insurance information system implementation and a project manager on an end-to-end BI system implementation. Tine’s interest lies predominantly in business strategy realization through project management. Tine is a member of the Triglav Insurance company PMO, which was awarded the PMI 2018 PMO of the Year Finalist in 2018. Skilled in business process, analytical skills, requirements analysis, scope management and holds a Bachelor of Science focused in Electric Engineering.

Zoran Korenjak

Project Director in the Project Portfolio and Change Management Department, Triglav Group

Zoran Korenjak is the Project Director in the Project Portfolio and Change Management Department in the Triglav Group. With 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and 10 years of experience in project management and training, he became a competent project manager and trainer. He was actively engaged in non-life insurance information system implementation and today he is leading strategic oriented projects such as standardisation and digitalisation of HRM in the whole Triglav Group. Zoran Korenjak is the founder of the Project Management Academy which content is based on PMBOK®, the corporate project management methodology, and lessons learned.

Urh Lednik

Head of Development, TROIA d.o.o.

Urh is Head of development activities at TROIA d.o.o. and is leading a team of developers. He is in charge of implementing new IT trends and technologies as well as for planning the development and extending company portfolio with new in-house products.

Benjamin Orazem

Cloud Adoption Leader, IBM Cloud Labs, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Benjamin works for IBM where as a Cloud Adoption Leader helps organizations adopting new cloud computing paradigm by transforming their traditional IT services and culture into the new cloud supported ecosystems that matters to the business and enable their digital transformations and new disruptive business models. His rich technical background, architectural design affinity, dedication and continual improvement attitude, long and deep experiences in IT service management and DevOps nicely complement his leadership skills for cloud adoptions.

He is ITIL manager and ITIL Expert with a master’s degree in IT service management, one of founders of IT Service Management Forum in Slovenia, with many years serving as a board member and chairman, currently as a supervisory board member. He was also a long-time member of ItSMF International publication executive subcommittee, reviewer of ITIL V3 service design book and ITIL V2011 Key element guides.

Janez Bensa

CEO, Parsek d.o.o.

Janez has been managing fast growing businesses in diverse IT related industries. Born and educated in Slovenia, he acquired international business experience early in his career.

Janez's passion emerges from diverse fields of entrepreneurship:
- Business development related to innovative business models and products;
- Attraction of partner organizations with the aim of strategic alliances establishment;
- Motivation and coaching of interdisciplinary talents and teams that originates from the digital profession.

Igor Mrzlikar

consultant, SUZOHAPP. USA

For the past three years he has been working as a consultant for the global US company SUZOHAPP. As the Customer Project Director, he runs global projects and virtual time and work on business development in the Balkans and CIS countries. Industry Hi Tech. Before that, he was managing portfolios and programs in construction as a COO for 10 years. In the first 7 years of his career he worked in the construction industry as a project manager.

Luka Mulej

Sales manager, ISL Online

Luka Mulej, Sales manager at ISL Online. Received his B.Sc. from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in 2008. He was recognized as a World Class Software Marketer by NASA in 2013 after winning the NASA World Wind Europe Challenge with the Gaea+’s engine. In 2014, he received a Golden Award for the Best Innovations in Slovenia from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, for the Smart Locator solution - an application for instant and accurate smartphone call location acquisition. Co-author of many technical and PR articles on three-dimensional visualization of geographic data and emergency location acquisition. Collaborating with a number of companies and marketers around the world and growing his network of contacts on a daily basis. He provided training to the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro trainees in the framework of the NATO GEPSUS Science for Peace Program in 2014.

Saša Mrak

Executive Director, Managers Association of Slovenia

Mrs. Saša Mrak, the Executive Director of Managers Association of Slovenia, connecting more than 1100 Slovenian managers and supporting the development of management in Slovenia for over 25 years. Saša has over 15 years of experience working on projects of people development, management and marketing. On behalf of the Managers Association, she is a member of the Expert Council for the Competitive and Stable Business Environment. She participates in various commissions to identify best practices in the field of human resources management and leadership, including in the Manager of the Year award among mothers.

Igor Verstovšek

Executive Director, Managers Association of Slovenia

Mr. Igor Verstovšek is a deputy CEO and cofounder of Cosylab, a high-tech company that provides system integration and customer adapted products and solutions, specialized in accelerators. He covers all aspects of company management (180 employees in 2018, out of which 140 are engineers). He is involved in analysis, definition, requirements gathering, architecture and design of several accelerator control systems, including large projects built with in-kind contributions: FAIR and ESS. Igor is a lead contributor to the control system study for ESS. He is also a project leader for large projects: control system consultancy, project budgeting and planning, project team management and customer relationship management.

CONFERENCE, March 19th, 2019

Kristalna palača, Conference Hall,
Ameriška ulica 8, Ljubljana

WORKSHOPS, March 20th, 2019

Kristalna palača, IBM Innovation Center, Ameriška ulica 8, Ljubljana

How to get and park there

• Take a parking place in one of the two parking areas by Crystal Palace opened for visitors for free from 7:30 on. You reach them from Ameriška street, turn right to Ambrožiča Novljana street and then drive to the ramp on the right opposite to Crystal Palace or to the ramp on the left behind Crystal Palace. Validate your parking ticket at the reception of the Crystal Palace.
• Have in mind the morning rush hour and take enough time to safely arrive to the Crystal Palace.
• Note also that some other parking areas in the commercial center BTC are closed at that time.



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The fee includes:
• Participation in the conference and workshops
• Refreshment and snacks during the breaks
• Speaker materials

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