AR: Realizing the craziest desires

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January 22, 2019
What does it mean to we live in the VUCA world today?
January 29, 2019

AR: Realizing the craziest desires

In today’s world of digital revolution, the scenes from the film Matrix are no longer a science fiction. It seems that the ARAgumented Reality can also becomes a true reality for all. The augmented reality is described by experts as a mixture of interactive digital elements and real life. Remember the recent hit, Pokemon Go mobile game, which witnessed the true wave of hysteria, where the players experienced augmented reality in action. A globally once-extremely popular game has sent a million of children and adults on a mission of finding a virtual awards in a real world.

How useful is AR in the business world? Companies are already offering augmented reality – with it, for example, they take care of reliable machine maintenance, early detection of errors, easier inventory of assets, faster assembly and packaging of complex products, etc. Smart glasses that connect to the existing information infrastructure of the company, so that they can also be an excellent tool for education or training of employees. The experts of AR from Troia, are saying that technology enables the use of important information for work and decision making. On the Conference Together in Excellence 2019 you will hear presentation of Troia about the management of resources through new glasses.

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