Avoiding Stone Age Practices

To win in the new world
January 29, 2019

Avoiding Stone Age Practices

Digitalization is here! We have AI, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Blockchain will disrupt how business is done on Planet earth. The widespread availability of inexpensive, even free, internet-based team collaboration tools has made working with people working virtually globally relatively easy compared to even a few years ago. But simplification brougt by technology, states Kimberly Wiefling, co-founder of  Silicon Valley Alliances and a globally recognized consultant for management, specialized in teams effectiveness improvement, has not contributed benefits only:  »Everbody I know and has a job is more overloaded than ever before as he owns at least half a dozen of tasks and projects, all at the highest priority.«

The necessity of changing the way we work,  and the way we work together, is critical to our success, and in some cases our very survival. Work that used to take hours or days can now be done in minutes or seconds. Especially in the Age of Digitalization, we have a responsibility to step back and question the processes and practices in use, and ask if there is a better way to achieve our business results, find answers to this question, and thoughtfully implement solutions that enjoy the buy-in, commitment, and support of all key stakeholders.

Listen to Kimberly Wiefling on the event Together in Excellence  about how to avoid the stone age practices in the digital era. She will be speaking on March 19th on the event conference, and on the day after, March 20th she will be holding a workshop on how to communicate efficiently in virtual teams.

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